For the Love of Travel


     Experiencing new places is the most exiting thing in my life. School trips were  the highlights of primary school, and traveling was the reason I looked forwards to summers. It's also a  huge part of why I moved from Pennsylvania to Savannah, GA for my BFA, and then to Edinburgh, Scotland for an MFA. 

     Even now, travel is an integral part of my creative process as a professional illustrator. It sparks new ways of thinking and inspires me to work when my previous ideas feel stale: even a half hour train ride has been known to completely change my approach to a project.


     In June, I completed my MFA in Illustration at the University of Edinburgh! Such a huge world of opportunity has opened up now, so I am job hunting in the UK and Europe and the US all at once. In the meantime I'm keeping busy with commissions and personal projects and, of course, traveling when I can.

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